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Organizational Assessment

How An Organizational Assessment Collects The Data

Most business owners know the general idea behind an organizational assessment. They are designed to create a sort of snapshot of what your company looks like at the moment in terms of a variety of factors. Afterwards, you can use the results of the organizational assessment to determine what areas your company needs to improve on. While most business owners understand this, many are not sure about what exactly these assessments will look at or how the information will be collected. They will vary based on what company you use to complete the assessment, but there are usually some common factors. Here are the most common things that organizational assessments do to gather their information.


When doing an organizational assessment, one of the key factors that will be looked at are the employees, specifically their emotional and physical health and enjoyment of the job. The easiest way to collect this information is through surveys created by the assessment agency. They will usually administer them to larger groups at once and will always emphasize their anonymity so employees are free to speak their mind. Depending on the organizational assessment company, these surveys may be mostly simple multiple choice questions, open ended ones that require written answers or a combination of both.

Cultural Assessment

Another important factor that is almost always considered during an organizational assessment is the cultural aspects. The term culture may be a bit confusing but in this case it refers to the culture of the office itself. This type of assessment will look at performance commitment, common values of the employees, the amount of motivation, how satisfied employees are with supervision and leadership, the opportunities for advancement that are available and how satisfied the employees are with their pay and benefits. Some of these answers will come from the employee surveys mentioned above while others will come from observation.

List Resources

Most organizational assessments will also look at the resources that a company has available and make some sort of list detailing them. They can then determine how the resources are being used, whether they are being used effectively, whether they are necessary and whether the company needs additional resources. This is a crucial step as it can give the assessors an idea of what the company has to work with, allowing them to make a more complete evaluation and in turn offer better suggestions for improvements.

Identifying Problems

The company that is conducting the organizational assessment will carefully look at all of their data they have gathered (from observation, surveys and other methods) and work to identify any problems the business being assessed faces. Although organizational assessments should be done regularly, many businesses will only take the time to do them when they have a problem they need to resolve. That is because these are an excellent way to locate the source of the issue and come up with a possible solution. The assessment agency will have an unbiased point of view so they will be able to come up with an objective solution that is effective.

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