Turnaround Management

Turnaround Management

BPC conducts a rapid assessment of your enterprise and creates an action plan followed by swift measures to stop the bleeding and brings intense focus and direction to the products and services that create value for the business.

Why Under-Performing Businesses Need Turnaround Management

Turnaround management is an excellent idea for any company that is not performing as well as they want to. These professionals are trained to review the problems in the company and determine a solution, getting it back on track. In general these professionals will only stay in the company for a short period of time, until it gets back on track and before leaving create a plan to ensure that the business stays at the level it wishes to be at. Because of their training and effectiveness, turnaround managers can do wonders for a struggling company even if the company in question does not feel they need the help. Here are just some of the reasons under-performing businesses could use this help.

Camaraderie Gets In The Way

Although being friendly and getting along well with co-workers is essential for any well-functioning business, in some cases this sort of camaraderie can actually be detrimental. This is especially true if a certain employee (or group of employees) is bringing the company down but because their supervisor, or even the CEO, feels a strong camaraderie with them he or she is not willing to let them go. A turnaround management individual will not have this issue as they will be an objective observer and helper. Furthermore, their goal will be to help the company, not keep up friendships, allowing them to make tough decisions much more easily.

Internal Sentiments

Going along with friendships actually creating a problem in some cases, another issue can be the internal sentiments of an office or organization. There may be an overwhelming feeling, for example that a particular team is essential and because of this, higher ups do not even consider it as a source of the problem. Turnaround management will look at all areas of the office objectively and because of this, can determine which departments are causing issues in performance and how to fix them and they will not be influenced by the office sentiments.

Update Marketing

Another reason struggling companies may need turnaround management is if they are using set marketing techniques. It is not uncommon for a CEO or marketing management to discover a strategy that works and continue to use it for years (or even decades). The problem with this is that times change and therefore marketing strategies must as well. A turnaround manager will look at all aspects of the company, including marketing to see if updates are necessary and if they are, they will know the latest marketing strategies that can give the company a boost.

Update Goals And Strategies

The same thing that occurs with marketing can occur with any other area of the company with the two most common areas being creating goals and coming up with strategies to achieve them. A management team specializing in turnaround will be able to objectively analyze the goals and strategies of the business and by doing so, they will be able to identify any pitfalls. When they identify the problems, they can work with company to find a solution that fits into the company’s mission, making a smooth transition to a successful turnaround.